Wow !!! Marcia is simply the BEST !!!! I had my brows and eyeliner done about three years ago and eyeliner still looks brand new !!! My eyebrows needed a boost and only took about an hour or so; so simple and so quick !!!! Always a joy to visit with Marcia and her facility is clean and beautiful !!! Thank you for all you do for your clients self esteem; it means more than you know.

Julie Allison

I love my permanent eyeliner. Marcia does an outstanding job of putting you at ease in what could be a stressful situation. It is wonderful to get up every day and not have to worry about putting on eyeliner. Marcia is a professional who walks you through every step of the procedure.
Thanks Marcia!!

Toni Mallams

Marcia is absolutely the best. She did both my eyebrows and eyeliner and so of course I am going to her next week for permanent lipstick.

Dortha West

Nearly painless procedure! Marcia is very knowledgable about what she does & is great to work with!! I would highly recommend her!!

Desni Sheller

I love my permanent eyebrows! It makes it so easy to get the right look every time I put on my makeup!


Jeannine Strandjord

Marcia did my upper and lower eyeliner as well as my eyebrows. I love it all! I’m going back for liner and brow refresher…also gonna get my lips done (light blush color). Can’t wait! To get ready for a normal day, all I have to do make-up-wise is powder, blush, mascara! I can now “get ready” in way less time than before. And, her technique is virtually PAIN FREE!

Lana Todd

I chose Marcia Renner for my permanent lip color for a couple of reasons. Marcia is a LPN, and has experience in many other areas that would qualify her to do the job. Also, she has a Painless Program, which is guaranteed. If it hurts, she will stop, and there is no fee. I went in for the lip blush. When we talked I told her I had a history of cold sores. She suggested I contact my doctor to get a ten day script of Valtrex, which I did. My lips now have the color I wanted, and I did not suffer from any cold sores. Also, the procedure was pain free. My lips have that natural color that children have, so I don’t have to constantly reapply lip color. It’s awesome! I would recommend Marcia to anyone who is looking for some added natural looking color to their lips. Thanks Marcia!

Phyllis Davis

I had the permanent eyeliner procedure done four years ago. I am so glad I had it done and have not regretted it for one moment. Marcia is a true professional at what she does and it truly is almost painless. I am so pleased with it and it feels so good to not worry about it smudging, smearing, coming off while swimming, sweating…it helps me look my best no matter what I’m doing. And what a time-saver! In fact, I have decided to have my eyebrows done and am really looking forward to having them looking good every day, all day.

Lori Fetterling